Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Queen B status

Before i start this post that i do not hate Kim Kardasian , while i kinda envy the babe for being so exotic looking , it is quite annoying that she is such a queen B, she behaves as though she no dey shit, as if she no dey squat to i tend to gravitate towards people that are real, i am a Sandra Bullock sorta girl.
Anyways, she recently just got married and i read on one of my "gossip blogs" that her husband "Kris" actually wanted her to move in with him and she told him that his place was like a dorm room and she couldn't downgrade her life like that. That the dude needed to get a better place.

I like it when women know what they are worth but that statement really irked me, the guy now told her that she was out of touch with reality.
and i immediately fell in love with him.

Most times when as a lady you are so independent because your business is so successful, it's easy to live in your own world. you are oblivious to the world of others. To people suffering, to the reality of life, which is that sometimes it can be a bitch.
You tend to live in this glass bubble that you think can never burst. You feel almost invincible.
and one day it will burst.. one day you will be humbled, one day you will realise that yes while you have angels guarding you as a child of God, life sometimes is just that and it can disappoint.

Anyways, i guess for her she can always live the Queen B status of fancy cars, plush hotels, designer clothes, nannies and rich dicks....

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