Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nigerian single mother who doesn’t work but enjoys claims nearly £15,500 a year in state handouts

Nigerian single mother who doesn’t work but enjoys claims nearly £15,500 a year in state handouts

This 20 year old lady is in a system that works for her, am not sure she is Nigerian but she sure looks like one and is working the system like one.

She has a 2 bedroom council flat in Croydon, South London, with a garden, which is paid for by her £111 weekly housing benefit – part of £1,290 a month total claim.
I have to say that I admire her resourcefulness to an extent because of the fact that as a 20 year old without even secondary school education, the system is really taking care of her

Niceness and dating

Cheryl Cole, not a woman that I attribute with good manners, you might say what’s my business with a white wannabe superstar…and I won’t beef you for asking such a question because I am asking myself the same thing.
The reason Cheryl fascinates me is because of her double standards.
This is a woman who slapped a black woman old enough to be her mother, a toilet attendant so hard that she had a black eye. Imagine a black person getting a black eye, how painful that punch must have been.
Am not even beefing her because the black woman she hit was Nigerian..nah…my beef is that she seems to think forget that manners and kindness are required in everyday life.
She dated and married Ashley Cole..who cheated on her and broke her heart.
Now she’s dating another black guy, Miss Tweedy please understand that you can’t truly enjoy a black man [or any one]till you learn to appreciate the beauty of being nice.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

shallow minds- Queen B..

and so Kim K, Queen B didn't disappoint me, filed for divorce after just 72 days..thats 2 months and 12 days...classic...

so really what could have happened in 2 months when you should still have been in marital bliss that you immediately filed for divorce.

Divorce oh, no be seperation..haba Kim! you must think we are really daft to think that all of this wasn't planned for the tv and to get more endorsements.

I think she just got tired of the guy and said "look, fuck it...i'm getting out, my fans will understand"

but her fans revolted big time...
insults came pouring in at her and her mum Kris tried to do some damage control...

anyways i am not buying it, i knew this was a farce..all for her show and i knew it wouldn't last..i just thought at least it would last for longer than 6 months.

and now she's here blowing kisses and what?

Please hold yaself....

healthy baby

i saw the cutest picture of victoria Beckam and her cute, chubby little baby and i couldn't help smiling.

yes me knows they are white and worth like more than 68 million dollars... or whatever...

but it's so refreshing to see how chubby baby Harper is...

i am so glad Victoria isn't applying her bulimic/anorexic lifestyle to the lil angel.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Andy Whifield of Spartacus - Blood and Sand is dead

I started watching Spartacus because of my colleagues in the office, they kept going on and on and on about the series and anyone who knows me knows that i am a series junkie, so while they warned me about the graphic sex scenes , violence and nudity, i watched some bits of it and became hooked to the storyline.

So i heard today that the leading actor -Andy Whitfield died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in Australia on Sunday, Sept. 11.
yes i never knew him but it touched me because prior to this he was an almost unknown actor and he brought a huge part of himself to the show.

So they have cast another actor with an uncanny resemblance to him to play his part called Liam McIntyre [First picture attached]

He will be missed.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

beyonce's baby bump

for those of you that doubted that Beyonce was really preggies..although i doubt if anyone actually doubted that.

here she is with her baby bump revealed while on a luxury vacation with her boo-hoo[free mason] husby...buahahahaha

She's like 5 months here and i must say she looks stunning for someone in her 2nd trimester, i would love to see her in her 3rd trimester though...

anyways, that's why i like oyinbo people [ i know technically Beyonce is black but it's so obvious that the babe is trying so hard to be white], they are so open..see her revealing her linea negra and her baby bump for all the world to see and in her case when i say all the world, i mean all the world.

I mean her preggies announcement generated the largest twitter hit thus far 8,000+ twitters per sec.. so she is one mean lady...

anyways i wish her the best of luck and the sweetest pregnancy...
can't wait to see their lil angel...

Linda Vs Tonto Dihke

the other day i was reading some of my usual blogs and i found this rather interesting conversation between Tontoh Dikeh and Linda Ikeji, one of the more famous gossip blogs and i had to have a good laugh about it.
and for you guys that are too tush to watch naija movies i.e Nollywood TV, Tontoh is one of the more controversial babes that is also quite pretty and well spoken.

Many people have frowned at her choices of movie characters and roles but who am i to judge, i mean the babe is just living her life.

Anyways the Twitter conversation went thus:

Tonto Dike to Linda - "Hehehhehehehhe Juzt heard dat Linda Ikeji d blogger is a failed Model**Buhehehehehehehehe*#POKO#"

Linda to Tonto Dike - "you just heard? lol, it's been in the news for years darling, love u, muah"

I no fit shout...LMFAO, Linda handled it quite well and i was quite proud of her....
Tontoh on the other hand...i rest my case....