Thursday, September 8, 2011

Linda Vs Tonto Dihke

the other day i was reading some of my usual blogs and i found this rather interesting conversation between Tontoh Dikeh and Linda Ikeji, one of the more famous gossip blogs and i had to have a good laugh about it.
and for you guys that are too tush to watch naija movies i.e Nollywood TV, Tontoh is one of the more controversial babes that is also quite pretty and well spoken.

Many people have frowned at her choices of movie characters and roles but who am i to judge, i mean the babe is just living her life.

Anyways the Twitter conversation went thus:

Tonto Dike to Linda - "Hehehhehehehhe Juzt heard dat Linda Ikeji d blogger is a failed Model**Buhehehehehehehehe*#POKO#"

Linda to Tonto Dike - "you just heard? lol, it's been in the news for years darling, love u, muah"

I no fit shout...LMFAO, Linda handled it quite well and i was quite proud of her....
Tontoh on the other hand...i rest my case....

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