Monday, September 5, 2011

It's a man's world anyday, anytime

i love Al Pacino, for a lot of reasons, he was spectacular in Scarface and he just represents this genre of actors of the olden days.
Anyways, recently, the old man was at an award show of some sort and he had his 31 year old girlfriend with him.
May i mention that he is 71 years.
I mean at 71 years, does the male organ still rise to the occasion, can he even still get it up? Talk more of thrusting? SMH
It really baffles me.
Anyways, like i said, it's a mans world, men still get young women, no matter how crinkled or saggy they get. It doesn't matter if they can't even perform in the sack. Just as far as they own cash and are willing to be adventurous.

women on the other hand are called cougars, sugar mommies and are frowned at for keeping a younger lover and i wonder at the double standards.

but what are the advantages to having an older lover:

- he looks at you like his child, so he doesn't feel the need to appease his ego..therefore he spoils you rotten
- he never says no to you
- you can have another lover and he won't know...hehehe

anyways lemme shaddap before i yan more

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