Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the other woman

recently i was reading online and discovered that Gabrielle Union [ who is one of my fave black actresses] is dating this hunk of a guy.

Now this guy is a divorcee and has 2 boys, so basically when they hang out, she hangs out with the boys.

So she is introduced to a world of kids almost immediately.
Although they have been dating for 2 years now and he obviously feels comfortable around her for the kids to be hanging out with them.

It reminds me of this Nollywood film that i somehow watched in passing, the other wife resented the man's kids so much that one day she almost threw the boy away and wanted to pretend he was kidnapped.

It takes a lot for a divorced, bereaved spouse to find a partner that will genuinely like his/her own kids. I have heard stories of lovers killing or beating their other partners kids..both locally and abroad and it saddens my heart.

The other woman is therefore not determined by the mood of the male organ especially when kids are concerned, infact when kids are concerned it all depends on how the kids feel about the other woman.

Although in Gabrielle's case, i am sure to keep that chocolate whipped something in her bed, am sure she'll love the kids with all her heart and mind...

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