Friday, August 26, 2011

will and jada smith crash and burn?

heard from the rumor mills that Jada pink and will smith's marriage is in trouble.
heard will smith walked in one day while trying to suprise his precious wife and found her "watching a dvd" with her Hawthorton co-star Marc Anthony.

Somehow i find this so ridiculous, why would i leave a Will smith look for a mousey little man with no money and a funny accent..abegiiii..Jada must have some serious issues if this is true.

But i am closely following this story via all my best gossip blogs and i shll update accordingly.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries

i don't know what it is about "vampire diaries" that has me hooked. Initially i thought it would be the same old boring vampire flick but somehow it actually exceeded that.
I have some friends though who would stone me for saying this but it happens to be the

So it has a cast of fabulously gorgeous men..the women...hmmm, not so much.
Anyways, there is one of the guys there that actually intrigues me just and only because his acting is so on point.
Ian Sumerhalder [who plays Damon Salvatore] has this crazy eyed look going for him, now note that i am not a film critic, i just say it as i feel it.

So i can barely wait for the 3rd series to hit the screen, i hope they don't break my heart..*hehehehe*


I used to think that to dress corporate casual, you had to dress in shirts and trousers, preferably TM Lewin or Hauwes and Curtis. So like forever, you would see me donning an overpriced work shirt and some hip hugging trousers with stiletto heels.

But then I was introduced to the world of frilly pretty tops, pencil skirts, dresses and cardigan tops.

I was introduced to the world of girly dressing.

With girly dressing comes a lot of flexibility to just be you and explore that fun part of you:

1.colors are in: this simply means that no longer should we be tied to the solid boring colors of blacks and blues[navy blue to be exact], you can mix red's with green's.

2. Cardigans help give a fresh look while hiding the "christian mother" arms *wide grin*: Cardigans are another wardrobe essential that i just discovered, you can rock a fabulous sleeveless blouse with a brightly colored cardigan to work and appear chic while appearing professional.

3. Color blocks: Its the new fashion hit..color blocking, this fun dressing is achieved by mixing 2 complimentary colours like pink and green or something that normally we would look at as weird..smh. It's a fun trend though so i am definitely rocking it as best as i can.

i am starting a post series where i will add pictures of my friends/colleagues/acquaintances that inspire my dress sense.

Hopefully it turns out to be fun..

Friday, August 12, 2011

jumping the broom

i just watched this really superb movie called "jumping the broom" and i must say that i was pleasantly surprised.

of course i think it was also the gorgeous cast that had something to do with it and i am so glad, it had none of the old stereotypical "fine men" like Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore or Taye Diggs.

It was refreshing to see some new fine chocolate brothers..*wide grin*

Also one of my best white female actresses was there..and no it's not Jennifer Aniston even though i love her. I am talking about Julie Bowen...
the lady that acts "Claire " in Modern Family which by the way is one of my best series.

So back to the movie, it highlighted what most mother-in laws go through, the heartbreak of supposedly losing their sons to another woman.

I never really understood the reason why mother in laws were so mean to their daughter-inlaws until God blessed me with my beautiful son.

My son is my world, i absolutely adore him [and his father of] now he hasn't started talking yet so he depends on me for everything, clings to me and loves me so much.

so imagine one day another woman will now come into his life and start giving attitude[and yes, that's what wome are good at doing- subtle disrespect] after i changed his diapers, got peed and pooed on, slept in the hospital with him, cried with him, loved him as though my heart was going to break. i am telling you i am sure i will do worse than what Jason's mom[played by Loretta Devine of "waiting to exhale" and other great black movies] did

but i do pray that i get a sweet, humble, beautiful, hardworking and respectful daughter..oh Lord have mercy..... lmao.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i saw Vina in an entertainment blog recently and i couldn't help cringing, cringing because i believe looking clean and classy is actually cheaper than looking tacky.

I mean what was with the orange hair and cheap looking expression weave on or the prom like dress and tacky be-jeweled shoes?

So how would i change her look, what would i do differently to give Vina a fresh new look without breaking the bank?

1. the dress in the pix says a million words, it shows that you are edgy and you are not afraid of colors, which Vina is..and it had her fave color...Orange..*yay*

Hair: lon-horse tailed human hair, rather we have something simple and clean with a cute hair accessory that matches the dress, although personally i am not a matchy-matchy person.
the purse is a nice shade of grey and the shoes have a spunky feel to it, i feel this look will work and i am so sure that she won't have to break the bank for this.

2. Look 2 is the boy shorts: this is also a simple yet classy look, nothing clingy like the look so many people are adopting now but casual yet sexy in a subtle way.

Now what will we do about her hair: i have a feeling that vina is not the type of girl who would do 2 long curtains hanging at the side of her hair in the form of human hair, i think an afro would work for her ...but then that's just me... am thinking like TY Bello....

it gives the appearance of youth and bohemian all mixed together, it spells non-regimented, free as a bird....

But like i said, that's just me


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fresh faced versus tired looking

I saw this picture of Genevieve recently and it brought back nostalgic feelings from the late '80's of fresh faced models advertising for different commercials[lux, joy soap]

I love this look on Genevieve because it potrays some sort of innocence, she looks really fresh faced and somewhat innocent in this picture.

Being fresh faced really inspires a lot of trust in people, it gives them the feeling that you can be trusted and you are as open as a book.

On the other hand, the babes in the long "Brazilian"weave just look tired and fake.

That's the problem with fake hair especially the cheap ones, they just end up making you look tacky.