Monday, August 15, 2011

Vampire Diaries

i don't know what it is about "vampire diaries" that has me hooked. Initially i thought it would be the same old boring vampire flick but somehow it actually exceeded that.
I have some friends though who would stone me for saying this but it happens to be the

So it has a cast of fabulously gorgeous men..the women...hmmm, not so much.
Anyways, there is one of the guys there that actually intrigues me just and only because his acting is so on point.
Ian Sumerhalder [who plays Damon Salvatore] has this crazy eyed look going for him, now note that i am not a film critic, i just say it as i feel it.

So i can barely wait for the 3rd series to hit the screen, i hope they don't break my heart..*hehehehe*

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