Wednesday, August 10, 2011


i saw Vina in an entertainment blog recently and i couldn't help cringing, cringing because i believe looking clean and classy is actually cheaper than looking tacky.

I mean what was with the orange hair and cheap looking expression weave on or the prom like dress and tacky be-jeweled shoes?

So how would i change her look, what would i do differently to give Vina a fresh new look without breaking the bank?

1. the dress in the pix says a million words, it shows that you are edgy and you are not afraid of colors, which Vina is..and it had her fave color...Orange..*yay*

Hair: lon-horse tailed human hair, rather we have something simple and clean with a cute hair accessory that matches the dress, although personally i am not a matchy-matchy person.
the purse is a nice shade of grey and the shoes have a spunky feel to it, i feel this look will work and i am so sure that she won't have to break the bank for this.

2. Look 2 is the boy shorts: this is also a simple yet classy look, nothing clingy like the look so many people are adopting now but casual yet sexy in a subtle way.

Now what will we do about her hair: i have a feeling that vina is not the type of girl who would do 2 long curtains hanging at the side of her hair in the form of human hair, i think an afro would work for her ...but then that's just me... am thinking like TY Bello....

it gives the appearance of youth and bohemian all mixed together, it spells non-regimented, free as a bird....

But like i said, that's just me


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