Monday, August 15, 2011


I used to think that to dress corporate casual, you had to dress in shirts and trousers, preferably TM Lewin or Hauwes and Curtis. So like forever, you would see me donning an overpriced work shirt and some hip hugging trousers with stiletto heels.

But then I was introduced to the world of frilly pretty tops, pencil skirts, dresses and cardigan tops.

I was introduced to the world of girly dressing.

With girly dressing comes a lot of flexibility to just be you and explore that fun part of you:

1.colors are in: this simply means that no longer should we be tied to the solid boring colors of blacks and blues[navy blue to be exact], you can mix red's with green's.

2. Cardigans help give a fresh look while hiding the "christian mother" arms *wide grin*: Cardigans are another wardrobe essential that i just discovered, you can rock a fabulous sleeveless blouse with a brightly colored cardigan to work and appear chic while appearing professional.

3. Color blocks: Its the new fashion hit..color blocking, this fun dressing is achieved by mixing 2 complimentary colours like pink and green or something that normally we would look at as weird..smh. It's a fun trend though so i am definitely rocking it as best as i can.

i am starting a post series where i will add pictures of my friends/colleagues/acquaintances that inspire my dress sense.

Hopefully it turns out to be fun..

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