Friday, August 12, 2011

jumping the broom

i just watched this really superb movie called "jumping the broom" and i must say that i was pleasantly surprised.

of course i think it was also the gorgeous cast that had something to do with it and i am so glad, it had none of the old stereotypical "fine men" like Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore or Taye Diggs.

It was refreshing to see some new fine chocolate brothers..*wide grin*

Also one of my best white female actresses was there..and no it's not Jennifer Aniston even though i love her. I am talking about Julie Bowen...
the lady that acts "Claire " in Modern Family which by the way is one of my best series.

So back to the movie, it highlighted what most mother-in laws go through, the heartbreak of supposedly losing their sons to another woman.

I never really understood the reason why mother in laws were so mean to their daughter-inlaws until God blessed me with my beautiful son.

My son is my world, i absolutely adore him [and his father of] now he hasn't started talking yet so he depends on me for everything, clings to me and loves me so much.

so imagine one day another woman will now come into his life and start giving attitude[and yes, that's what wome are good at doing- subtle disrespect] after i changed his diapers, got peed and pooed on, slept in the hospital with him, cried with him, loved him as though my heart was going to break. i am telling you i am sure i will do worse than what Jason's mom[played by Loretta Devine of "waiting to exhale" and other great black movies] did

but i do pray that i get a sweet, humble, beautiful, hardworking and respectful daughter..oh Lord have mercy..... lmao.

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