Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Niceness and dating

Cheryl Cole, not a woman that I attribute with good manners, you might say what’s my business with a white wannabe superstar…and I won’t beef you for asking such a question because I am asking myself the same thing.
The reason Cheryl fascinates me is because of her double standards.
This is a woman who slapped a black woman old enough to be her mother, a toilet attendant so hard that she had a black eye. Imagine a black person getting a black eye, how painful that punch must have been.
Am not even beefing her because the black woman she hit was Nigerian..nah…my beef is that she seems to think forget that manners and kindness are required in everyday life.
She dated and married Ashley Cole..who cheated on her and broke her heart.
Now she’s dating another black guy, Miss Tweedy please understand that you can’t truly enjoy a black man [or any one]till you learn to appreciate the beauty of being nice.

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